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Comparing home insurance quotes could save you a substantial amount of money. You can easily get insurance quotes from top carriers offering protection in case of damage to your home, and liability coverage for injuries or property damage. Compare home insurance policies that insure potential damage to your home caused by most disasters. Additional home insurance quotes can be obtained that cover non-standard home protection such as, a flood, or an earthquake. 

Structural Home Insurance - Quotes should include insurance coverage if your home is damaged or destroyed by fire, or other disaster listed in your policy. Home structures that are detached, such as a garage, are usually insured as well. Be sure to compare home insurance quotes with similar coverage amounts that are sufficient to rebuild your home if necessary. 

Liability Home Insurance - If someone is injured on your property, the liability part of your home insurance policy pays for their medical expenses, the cost of defending you in court, and any court awards, up to the insurance policy limit. You can get home insurance quotes for a policy that provides no fault medical coverage, without a liability claim.

Personal Home Insurance - Your personal belongings, such as, furniture and clothes, should be covered by your home insurance if they are destroyed by fire, or other insured disaster, as well as items stolen should be insured. There is usually a percentage of value or dollar limit to replace these items, as specified in the policy. Trees, plants and shrubs should also be included in the coverage when you compare home insurance quotes.


Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is cash value and replacement cost?

A cash value home insurance policy pays to rebuild your home, minus the depreciation, while the replacement cost pays to replace your home and/or possessions without any deduction.

How does a guaranteed replacement insurance policy work?

This type of home insurance offers the highest level of protection that pays the entire cost to replace your home because of a disaster, even if it exceeds your policy limit.

Does a home insurance policy cover an earthquake or flood?

A standard home insurance policy does not cover damage from a flood or earthquake, but a separate policy can be included for an additional premium.

Is home insurance required?

Home insurance is not a legal requirement, but mortgage lenders do require a policy. If your home has no mortgage, it is still a good idea to have home insurance to protect your investment.

Do all home insurance companies charge the same price?

Comparing home insurance quotes can save money. Using a third party service is an easy way to get competitive quotes form several agents in your area.